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Free Activities for Children and Families with Digital Access

Well, we are now into April and social distancing is still going strong. If you are like those of us at Synergy with families of our own, you might be finding yourself running out of ideas to keep your kiddos occupied while being stuck at home. Here are some resources that can help bring positivity and balance back into the home. In these difficult times, it’s important to try and remember to keep engaged in mind, body and spirit! As always, our clinicians at Synergy are available if you are feeling overwhelmed and out of ideas. Stay safe and healthy

Staying connected:

Social distancing does not have to mean social isolating! Our children’s friends are an integral part of their resilience and well-being. Ensuring consistent and meaningful connections will help immensely to preserve mental wellness in any trying time. – Zoom is now offering free sign-ups through the COVID19 crisis to ensure we stay connected! 

Skype – Another great resource for online video calls

Google Hangouts – Now made available for free 


In uncertain times and broken routines, these days can introduce unwanted anxiety into anyone’s life. Take this opportunity to try meditation as a family and bring some peace into the house. Meditation has been known to reduce overall stress levels, as well as build awareness of one’s body, help self-esteem, and increase focus and attention. 

Headspace –My personal go-to for introducing and practicing mindfulness with clients (great for children too!). Headspace is not only educational, but it walks through meditations for different specialties like rest, deeper sleep, better focus, increased motivation, etc.

Insight Timer – Has a page dedicated to videos and audio clips for meditation specifically for kids. 

Calm – Some free meditations during this time of crisis. 


Maybe you’re missing gym class as much as your little ones! Explore these links to help bring organized movement back into their routine.

Go Noodle – A one-stop shop for movement, dance and exercise for children. Used by schools

Cosmic Kids Yoga – Amazing program specifically to introduce and spark passion for yoga for children 3 years and up

Just Dance – The popular video game now offers dance videos that can be streamed on any connected smartphone device. Select a video and throw on your dancing shoes

Sami’s Circuit – A fast talking, high energy gym coach to take us and our kids through exciting age-appropriate movements. Bonus points for motivational and positive messages.


With more free time, it’s important active self-expression. Make time in your family schedule to create together. The bonds made now will last a lifetime.  

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems! – Work with Mo to create works of art in 26 minutes or less. Like Bob Ross for children.

Illustrate with Illustrator Wendy MacNaughton – Another wonderful artist. Work with her live on Instagram 1pm EST and create something beautiful. Past classes are on her Youtube channel. 

The Kids Table – Now featuring live, free cooking classes for children Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays on Facebook Live! Their site also has many wonderful resources and links to inspire a love of cooking. Studies show that more family time spent together in the kitchen is directly related to increase in mental wellness!  

Puppet Concerts with Mr. Jon & Friends – Live on Facebook every weekday at 10:30 for story time and sing-alongs.

Local Virtual Field Trips:

Don’t let staying home take away the fun of visiting someplace familiar or even new! These education centers are offering an inside, never-before-seen look into their facilities. 

Charleston Aquarium – Apr 13 – Apr 17 will be hosting free, live road trips through South Carolina on Facebook

Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia SC – Every weekday at 10am enjoy live video events and behind the scenes work

International Field Trips:

Take advantage of this time to appreciate the beauty of our world. Discover what’s to learn and actively make plans to visit once this season has passed. 

Explore features Live Animal Cams – Okay, so we couldn’t pick our favorite animal, so here’s a link for a site that has access to many live videos of animals around the world!  What’s your favorite?

National Park Tours – Breathtaking views are brought to your home screens with this resource! 

The Louvre – Whisk away to France for a virtual tour of the world’s most famous art museum! 

360 Cities – Source of panorama views of cities around the world to explore

Visit Disney Parks – Walk Disney’s parks in a 360 virtual tour 

Stellarium and Access Mars – Explore the universe with this fun and educational app. And also, a special shout out to Mars

Written by Spencer Kilpatrick, LISW-CP

Posted Monday, April 13, 2020

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